TBT: Super Bowl 50

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, I thought I would share some photos from our trip to Super Bowl 50. Although it didn’t end how we wanted, it was still a trip of a lifetime and I look back at these pictures with such great memories!


Boarding the plane to San Jose! Fun fact: Mr. Richardson flew every Panthers employee out to the big game! It was so fun meeting so many people on the trip there.


Got my Bersin bracelet on for the flight :)


Got to see the busy man for dinner!!


Michael, Sabrina and I took an uber out to Santa Cruz while Brenton was in meetings. It was so cool!

Catching up with my sweetheart before the big game. Doing some shopping- lol.

Morning of the Super Bowl! Sabrina did my make up! I’m a lucky girl.

Breakfast at the team hotel before heading out!


Another bus ride…

Caught up with Brenton’s mom and brother before the game!

Supporting my man! #11

The best part about the game was definitely that they delivered drinks straight to your seats…

And this is the last photo I took. The halftime show. What an unreal experience!!! 

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