Dry Shampoo Battle

Dry shampoo aftermath- ha!

I am dry shampoo OBSESSED. Like- can’t live without it. I typically wash my hair one time a week (or less), so for me dry shampoo is a necessity. I always come back to Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo. It is the best. It takes away all greasiness (ummm.. yuck sorry lol) and it also adds volume at the roots. The main problem I have with most other dry shampoos is that they leave the roots flat- no one wants that! It is $5-6 depending which retailer you go to. You can click below to order, or just go to your local CVS or even Food Lion. Seriously everywhere carries this staple.


While Tresemme is bae, the Oaui Foaming Dry Shampoo does have great qualities too. It is a foaming formula- which means it is WET! This may scare some people, but it is great for days when you really need to wash it and don’t have the time. It’s like a mini hair wash for your roots. And it smells AMAZING. But, I don’t think it completely takes the greasy look away. It also doesn’t add as much volume because of the wetness. At $28, the price is a little steep, but it’s always worth a try because everyone’s hair responds so different.


What are your favorite dry shampoos? I am always looking to try new products! I love reading product reviews and am obsessed with all things beauty, so let me know what your favs are!

xoxo Olivia



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