Natural Makeup Look + Sephora Sale


Natural make up look this week!

My friends and followers on Instagram wanted to know how I did this natural makeup look. I will let y’all know the products that are 15% off until Nov 15th with the Sephora sale! The products that didn’t come from Sephora all came from Nordstrom or Ulta. I love to order makeup from Nordstrom and Ulta because you can easily return it if you don’t like it. *Use code INSIDER15 for 15% off Sephora products!*

What I used for this look:

First I applied Colorscience tinted primer. I use this instead of foundation in the daytime. I love to be bronze, and this product is amazing for your skin with 20 SPF! Protect that skin!! This is from Nordstrom. There are also options without a bronze tint. $49

I primed my eyes with this Mac paint pot in “Painterly”. I order from Nordstrom and my bestie Sabrina told me about this stuff. It is the best eyeshadow primer without a doubt. $22 and have never had to re-purchase.

For eyeshadow I mixed “quiet time” and “sable” from this Mac eyeshadow palette. If I had to choose one eyeshadow palette to use for my whole life, it would be this one. I have had it for years! The colors are just that good. It is $32 and can still be found at Ulta. Use with the best eyeshadow brush ever by MAC from Nordstrom, $25.

Next I did a super light eyeliner. I love this Elf liner stick in “Black Smoke”. It also has a gel silver shadow on the other side. $3 from Ulta or you can sometimes find at Target.

The magic happened when I applied the Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder in “Golden Hour” all over my face. I am obsessed with this stuff!! It seriously takes away all the bad stuff and gives you a glow without being sparkly and cakey. $38 & 15% off with INSIDER15 from Sephora

Next I applied BRONZER!! My favorite. I love to be bronze. My favorite bronzer is Bali Brown by Bobbi Brown. This stuff just takes your look to a whole other level. This is one of my can’t-live-without beauty products from Nordstrom- I have had this for a year and have not hit pan yet. I use it every time I do my makeup so I definitely think it’s worth the price! $44

To apply my bronzer I used the best bronzer brush OF ALL TIME that my girl Sabrina got me obsessed with. It is the Tarte Bronze & Glow Contour Brush. This brush is soooo high quality and just amazing. It is $34 & 15% off with INSIDER15 from Sephora

Next I applied this Mineralizing Skin Finish in Global Glow pretty much all over my face. It is sooooo pretty! I have had this stuff for years and have not had to repurchase so far. Definitely worth the price. It is $34 from Nordstrom.

After I finished up with the powders, I applied the only mascara I will ever use- L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black  mascara. I get mine for $7.99 at Ulta, but it can be found at any drugstore or Target.

Now for the lips!!! I applied this Mac lipstick in color “Angel”, $17.50 from Nordstrom. One of the best light pinks. Then I applied my new Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty Beauty from Sephora! $18 & 15% off with INSIDER15 from Sephora. This is a great product. It is not sticky AT ALL! I would highly recommend trying this out- Rihanna did an excellent job!

Here is what the gloss looks like on my skin tone:


If you have made it this far into the post, THANK YOU! Blogger’s makeup posts used to overwhelm me because I felt like I needed to go out and buy everything new. I would recommend slowly building your makeup collection and only buying what you really need at the moment. Over time, your collection will build up and I honestly rarely have to buy new makeup anymore. I hope that this post was helpful and not overwhelming! Let me know if you try any of the products! Xoxo Olivia


  1. I LOVE that lip color, and it looks wonderful on you! I’ve been using MAC velvet teddy, and like you said there are soo many other shades I see on bloggers and it’s so tempting to buy them all lol! This one really stands out though, I just might have to get it!


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