Crushing: For my Closet

1. Free People Overalls : I have been looking for a pair of denim overalls for what feels like 25 years. I’m only 19, so that math could be a little wrong. These darling overalls aren’t denim, but they ARE so stinkin’ cute. I can see myself wearing these to holiday functions, girly dinners, and around campus. That makes these little suckers a win, ladies and gentlemen.

2. The Cambridge Satchel Company : I saw this little neon guy all over NYC a few weeks ago. It’s also making its way around Pinterest, so watch out people!

3. Steve Madden Sneaks : The wedge sneaker is one of my favorite fall trends. When I first saw them, I couldn’t get terrifying images of stiletto Timberlands out of my head. But then, I fell in love. Isn’t that the way it goes?

4. Asos Mistletoe Sweater : This festive number caught my eye at first glance. It is so adorable, I could almost kiss it.

What are you currently crushing on?



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