We Sold Our House!

Hiiii guys!!! I have missed the blog! I am so excited to be giving you a little life update! Here is the story of how we sold our house and what’s next for us.

Photos by Demi Mabry Photography

You probably already know this from Instagram but…. WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!! It has been a crazy last few weeks. Brenton and I have been talking about listing our house for the past 6+ months and finally decided to just do it. We worked SO hard to get our home list ready. I told Brenton if we were listing it, we were doing it right!

So, we had a painter come and touch up every spot on the wall that was covered in Valentine’s slobber (Newfie owners feel me on this, haha). We had our backyard spruced up with new plants. We had the house cleaned and cleaned and cleaned…. We had a stager come and put furniture on our fourth floor that we never used (it was totally empty… too much house for us)! We cleaned out and organized every single closet and every drawer so that everything looked perfect. Our two car garage went from looking like an overpacked storage unit to completely empty. Throughout this entire process, Valentine stayed at his “camp” (that he LOVES) so that nothing would get dirty or out of place. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, haha.

Finally, it was time to take photos and list the house! We lucked out with an amazing home photographer. We took the photos on a Thursday, and listed the following Saturday evening when we got the photos back. We had our first and ONLY showing first thing the next morning…. and a full price offer was sent to us early that afternoon. With a 30 day close. WOW!! That happened fast. We were overjoyed! Of course, we accepted. Shoutout to my mom, who happens to be our realtor and listing agent, for getting us a full price offer in under 24 hours. (I linked her Facebook business page, or you can reach her at jdryejewell@gmail.com if you are interested.) People thought we were crazy for our list price, but I’m so glad we trusted her and went for it.

After accepting the offer, we immediately started looking at our next steps. We knew we had to get a rental, because our plan is to renovate a ranch a little farther out of the city with a big yard for Valentine. Once we signed the lease on our rental, we got another offer from the buyers. They wanted to buy a good amount of our furniture, art, and rugs. Shoutout to Maggie of Crandall Haus for making it look so good! We let them know how much we would take for the items and they accepted. Now, we had to find a temporary sofa! Haha. This all just seems so crazy typing it out. Our friends were selling a brand new Pottery Barn sofa, so we lucked out with that. Thanks Tanne & Karrah!

Next came the big move. All I can say is thank goodness for Honeycutt movers. They packed our WHOLE house up last Thursday, moved half of it to storage and half to our rental on Friday, and unpacked every box in our rental for us on Saturday. To top it all off, they came back this week to hang curtains and art for us. They are such hard workers, so reasonable, and so GOOD at what they do. I cannot believe I found them from a Nextdoor post. Charlotte people, if you are moving, call Honeycutt. This is NOT an ad. Brenton can tell you… we paid for it, haha.

So, we are all caught up! We closed on our house today, and are continuing our house hunt for the perfect ranch! We are so thankful for how smooth this process was and for all of the people who made it that way. I cannot wait to take you on the journey of our house hunt and future renovation! We took these photos with Demi Mabry Photography so that we could remember our first home together, where we brought Valentine home, and where we came home as a married couple. So many good times in this house. Feeling overwhelmingly thankful today. Cheers to the good times ahead!


  1. Love this recap! You were way too modest though- you and Brenton went over and above getting everything ready for listing. Made it so easy for me! Olivia, you should share you packing/moving secrets. You had it so organized and ready for the packers and movers and I know that made it go so quickly and smoothly. I couldn’t believe when I came over last Saturday how good your new place looked. Like y’all had already been there a while. All unpacked and settled in. ❤️❤️❤️


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